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[OOC] C-concrit

Sticky concrit post goes here!

If you have any critiques/comments/questions about how I'm playing Gil please tell me! If there are any concerns with the player also tell me here please orz

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[IC] thread continuition

[continued from here]

Don't change the topic!


lalala psa

BEING A MASOCHIST AND EMBARKING ON THE ENLIGHTENING JOURNEY OF... an icon rehaul-- which could take months. Or. You know. (i.e. I'll never finish this but I can PRETEND!!1!)

Old threads are gonna start looking funny blah blah blah yada yada ya.

...watch me do this again when the anime comes around. Speaking of which! I have hopes for you Kojima and Yamaoka! Your character designs better be good aaah :|b


PH canon has been... epic lately! See Sharon's awesome summary of the latest chapter here.

In other news...

China WHAT. THE. HELL.Collapse )

Canon uwaaah canon

<-- SURPRISE COUNSELOR-aged lol lol

S-So we find out in the latest chapter (Retrace 28) that Gil is actually 24! honestly... 24?! In the worst way possible too. Oh, the dignity.

And since this particular chapter is crazy and awesome and ALL ABOUT THE CAST GETTING DRUNK~

Gil is the cutest, weepiest, no really the weepiest, most pathetic and adorable drunk ever ♥

...he also has a "I am useless" sign pasted on his back. 8D


<Gil> ...I still think Oz's been growing in the latest chapters
<Oz> me too
<Oz> Alice + Gil = character development + getting over trauma = GROWTH SPURT?
<Sharon> ... nah, it's all because of Jack.
<Gil> ...now I'm imagining Oz as a plant
<Gil> and the others watering it
<Oz> ...this should be fanarted

and this makes sense in canon, in a wayCollapse )


[IC] thread continuition

[continued from here]



[OOC] First Impressions/Relationship meme

First Impressions/Relationships for Gil.

...Will be terribly slow at replying. \o



[In the Gingerbread House, there's (1) Gilbert airing out the blankets]


The Masterlist!

For my own references! \o/

PH Fanfiction -- The Masterlist